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    The L.SMURPHE.F (Local Scholars and Mentors Unifying Research and Practice to Harvest Excellence for the Future) INSTITUTE --THE INSTITUTE--is an applied research center supporting Pre-K–16 education.

    THE INSTITUTE engages scholars, community leaders, parents, and students in afterschool, weekend, holiday, and summer learning initiatives to enhance educational experiences and educational outcomes.

    Programming developed at THE INSTITUTE emphasizes learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in everyday context.

    THE INSTITUTE is a division of L.SMURPHE.F Enterprises, a family company doing the work between love and faith. 

    The goal of L.SMURPHE.F Enterprises is to connect the in-school and out-of-school lives of youth by facilitating and enriching the flow of information, resources, and talents between formal and informal learning environments.